Family Owned and Operated

We are a local Houston family owned and operated company that takes pride in helping you keep your home looking its best. We work hard to provide superior workmanship and outstanding service because we know that your satisfaction is the key to our success. We understand the value of relationships and look forward to growing a long lasting relationship with you too.


Trusted by Your Neighbors

We’re proud to say we’re the trusted choice for hundreds of homeowners right here in Houston and the surrounding area. We clean the windows for busy working families, ones advanced in age, and celebrities too. We’ve developed such a rapport with our customers that they feel comfortable leaving their home in our care. Look in on what a few of your neighbors are saying about us .


Experienced and Professional

Love My Windows is ready to prove to you why we're your best choice. With over 25 years of residential window cleaning and pressure washing experience, competitive pricing, and a focus on customer service, Love My Windows would like to be the company you turn to for all of your window cleaning, pressure washing, and gutter clean-out needs in Houston.

We understand you don't want to commit to a window cleaning service without knowing first how much it might cost. No problem, find out right now with just a few clicks


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Custom Maintenance Programs

Most of our customers find that having their windows cleaned 2x per year keeps them looking their best. There are many factors to be considered when deciding how often to have your windows cleaned. You may find that you need cleaning more or less often. We have special pricing available with our maintenance programs with discounts of up to 25% depending on how many times a year you schedule service.


Nothing for You to do in Advance

There is really nothing you need to do to prepare for our technicians arrival. It can be helpful, however, if you would like to move valuables or knick-knacks that might be on the window sill or areas to be pressure washed, but it is not necessary. When it comes to larger items that need to be moved, we are prepared to take care of this for you.


You Don't Need to be Home

While we prefer that you be home for your service, for accessibility, final approval and payment of service, it is not absolutely necessary. Exterior window cleaning, pressure washing and gutter clean-out are all services that can be performed without someone being at home.


Hard Water Spot Removal

High levels of Calcium & Magnesium in our water can leave deposits causing spots on your windows especially with repeated exposure to sprinklers. Over time these deposits can become etched into your glass causing a permanent hazy appearance. We use some of the industry’s most aggressive hard water deposit cleaners. If hard water deposits are a concern for you, please let us know and we'll discuss your various options.


Insured and Bonded

Accidents can happen. Don't take chances by choosing a window cleaning company that is not insured. We are fully insured and bonded to make certain that your property is legally protected from any mishaps that may occur while we are working on your property.

Get Back Your Free Time

All work is 100% guaranteed.

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